Vendure community and more

Vendure community and more


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It's not the first time I'll be talking about community. I think it's an essential aspect of any successful tool.

This shows in my previous explorations of Astro, Medusa, and now Vendure as well.

All these products thrive in a super open, welcoming, and helpful community. To me, this is super amazing as it helps you use the product to the fullest.

Let me sketch some examples of the Vendure community.

Examples of the community

First of all, Vendure has an excellent slack channel where you can pop in and ask any questions. Anyone is super helpful to help you get to solve your issues.

I even got a DM from a core member stating they saw my articles on Vendure and asking why I was looking into their product. I love it when creators like to get feedback on those things.

Secondly, there is a healthy amount of help available online, as in people writing about Vendure, creating examples, and even products.

An excellent example of the latter is Pinelab, where the owner Martijn creates open-source Vendure plugins. Vendure saw this effort and made Pinelab a silver Vendure partner. Small acknowledgments like that show how much they respect their community and how much they want it to be healthy.


When it comes to communities, what would you be looking for?

As for me, it's mainly a matter of responsiveness, friendliness, and activeness.

To elaborate a bit on that, if there is no responsiveness, you will get frustrated and eventually give up on trying to solve the issue or question you might have.

The same with snarky comments or people being rude. It will deter you from being active in the community and again give up.

Or, in the last case, if there is nobody active actually to answer questions, it will naturally just die out.

These are my main three elements of a healthy community. My question to you is: What's the most important thing for a community for you?

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