This website is open source

This website is open source


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When I rewrote my website in Astro, I decided to make it an open source project.

But let's dive into what this means and how you can contribute.

First of all, being open source has several meanings. This website means people can use the source code, but only while maintaining the same license. This ensures it will stay a free project forever.

Why would you open source it?

My main reason behind making the website open source is that I'm only a one-person show.

I try my best to deliver high-quality content every single day, but as I'm a mere human, I make mistakes on the way.

By making the website open source, I want to give people the option to help me improve the content on each page. Or fix bugs that you might have encountered.

This way, it becomes a product for the community, enhanced by the community. There are many great readers out there who often see little mistakes, and I would love for them to have a way to contribute.

How can someone contribute?

Let's first look at some examples of what they can contribute.

  • Typo's and grammar mistakes on existing pages
  • Outdated packages or code samples
  • Perhaps missing images or updating them
  • Provide translations (externally, upcoming)
  • Fix specific future ideas that are logged in issues
  • Create issues for problems you might have noticed

Then the main question comes down to how they can contribute.

And if you are very new to open source contributions, I suggest you read my article on contributing to open source.

However, I tried to make it as simple as possible for people.

I included an "edit on GitHub" button on every article page, so people can quickly navigate to the page on GitHub and make textual modifications to the article.

Edit on GitHub on website


I hope that open sourcing this website will improve the content and help more people find solutions to their problems.

And you can always contact me with general inquiries or issues.

Thank you for reading, and let's connect!

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