I wrote 1000 articles, what’s next?

I wrote 1000 articles, what’s next?

Most of you know me for my consistency, a golden arrow in my blog series.

I've written 1000 articles in 1008 days! Almost an article a day, and my honeymoon was the only holiday I ever took.

I'm super proud of this achievement; it has been a fantastic journey.

But what's next?

And it took me a while to think about that. Do I want to continue writing daily? Do I want to try out other things? What is the next big thing?

And before answering that, I need to open up about the fact that writing daily is super unique, and I loved it, but it was also quite draining towards the 1000th article.

And then something magical and exciting changed my whole thinking about everything.

We got pregnant! So amazing, and I'm ready to become a dad.

Baby Bongers on the way

What to expect

So alright, what to expect from me in the future? I will never stop creating content as I enjoy it so much, but I decided to move away from daily content.

There are a couple of aspects I want to try to find the next best thing:

  • Youtube videos
  • Long-form articles
  • Ebooks

Between those, I'll dedicate more time per content piece and might even go deeper into some of the ones I already created.

Besides that, I have a few hobby projects and ideas I want to execute, so keep an eye out for those.

What about the site?

Well, I might drop an article irregularly as I see fit, but the truth is, I'm planning on selling the website.

It's been my baby for almost three years, and it has matured a lot to a point where I'd love to see someone take it over and keep providing unique content for new developers.

If that person is you, please do get in touch 🙏.

Some numbers

Many of you probably came here to see some numbers, right? What do 1000 articles represent?

And here are some of them:

  • 528704 words
  • 1920 newsletter subscribers
  • 160K+ page views every month
  • 110+ #1 ranked google queries
  • an average of 100K impressions daily
  • 5K clicks on search terms alone
  • And so much more

I couldn't be happier. In the beginning, I'd never thought that would even be possible, yet I achieved it.

And that's not because of my writing, but because of all you amazing people motivating me and reading the articles.

So from the bottom of my heart:

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Thank you for reading, and let's connect!

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